Event Management App Development Service
Stay one step ahead of your Competitor with Event Management App

Running a seamless event, conference, or trade show with zero hindrance requires every aspect to be perfect, including ticketing, registration, catering, travel, etc. But what if you have a custom-built event management app that can simplify the process of managing your convention by collecting all the data you may need. That’s exactly what Flying Cow can do for you!

Flying Cow has developed Event Management Apps
for a diverse range of audience, which includes:

  • Corporates
  • Event planners
  • Government
  • Artists
  • Speakers
  • Disc Jockey
  • General Events and much more.

We include all of these exclusive features in our Event Management Apps:

Easy Event Search

This feature helps your audience discover events in and around their locality using location and browsing events by category.

Event Lists

This feature segregates all the nearby events into lists and categories, which the user can search using filters such as today, tomorrow, etc.,

Map Integration

The integrated map will have markers that represent current events which the users can use for navigation.

Search Filters

Using our search filters, your users can search for events by dates, categories, and even by using their names.

Event Descriptions

We provide you with an option to add photos, locations, and organizations that can describe the event using which users can book tickets or share the event.

In-App Payments

We employ secure algorithms that will allow your users to store their card details inside the app to accelerate the payment process.

Comment Discussions and Participant Lists

Your users can see the list of participants who are attending the event, and they’ll also be able to communicate with your organization.

Multi-Ticket Purchase

A user can book a single ticket for him or buy a bunch of them together for his associates.

Ticket Sharing

During or after purchasing tickets for an event, users would be able to share their tickets with their friends through social media.

Upcoming & Past Event History

The app can also display the current, upcoming, and past events of your organization to a user.

Real-Time Statistics

A user will be able to track your sales and check the number of tickets sold, check-ins, and attendees using filters.

Attendee Management

The attendee management feature will help you check the details of an event participant, like ticket number and order status.

Ticket Scans and Check-in Management

Users will be able to scan the tickets of your attendees, which will help you simplify the process of check-in management.

Live Event Announcements

Users can send live announcements about the event in real-time for the participants.

Our Process

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

The first step is to know your app requirements. Our business analyst will sit with you and gather all the necessary information like what your goals are, what type of features you want in your app, etc.

Step 2 : Scope of Work

Once we understand your requirements, we begin our research on your target users and what your competitors are doing. Then look for the best resources to use in your project.

Step 3 : Design

Once step 2 is completed, we will pick a palette and typography that represents your brand. Accordingly, we will create a theme and ask for your opinion. Once the theme is decided, we send you the complete design of the app.

Step 4 : App Development

After making the necessary changes in theme and design, we will start the development process. Our team of expert developers will make sure that your app is bug-free and runs smoothly. As per your need, all the features and functionalities will be added to the app.

Step 5 : Testing QA

Our solid QA team will test your project before it goes live. This step help is get rid of problems before launching the app. If the QA team finds any issue or bug, then developers fix the problem in this stage itself.

Step 6 : Launching

At last, your app is ready to hit the market. Our team will help you with the server set-up and configure the app on the respective stores.


12 yrs


If you are an event planner, it will be a wise choice to invest in an app that can help you ease booking for your participants and avoid hurdles in managing them.
Ticketing, event listing, and payment management are some of the most important features to consider while developing an event management app.
The overall cost of developing an event management app depends on the set of features you request, the technology stack that’s needed, and the underlying complexity of developing your application.
Partnering with a reputable event app development organization that has a good amount of expertise is one of the best ways to develop an app. After you find one, feel free to talk to them about the requirements and functionalities that you want your app to have. Also, have a discussion about the technology stack or explain to them how your goals are relevant to your industry.
Yes, our apps are fully equipped to handle bulk registrations and payments. On top of this, we can also provide customizations such as early-bird discounts, partial payment options, pricing, and volume coupons.