React Native Apps Development


The creative, business-focused applications from our React Native App development services, would help your business grow fast.

Flying Cow is one of the leading React Native agencies and we focus on developing your ideas.

Reasons to consider us

Our hand-picked team of highly skilled developers shape your vision into reality. The years of experience and skillset we have makes us the best.

Together, we design, craft and deploy your ideas. We value innovation and never compromise in making the applications secure. Our services never bite your pocket. We understand your requirements and know what your industry or business needs.

Why React Native?

React Native Apps offers stunning looks and are easy to develop and deploy. They come with an affordable price tag.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons why you should go with React Native.

React Native Apps has helped many companies to reach great heights.

Super Fast Performance

Unlike regular apps, React Native Apps are sturdy. React Native apps work in unison with your device’s GPU which allows them to have increased speed and performance.

React Apps are Cross-Platform

Once you develop an app with React Native, its code is reusable. You do not have to invest time and money separately to make them work in Android and iOS.

Reduced Time and Cost of Development

React Native can work with various plugins and has a vast library to suit all your needs. Not to forget that it is an open-source framework. These factors make its development fast and affordable.

Live & Faster Reload

React Native’s Live Reload feature lets you see the latest changes immediately after they made. Thus, React Native Apps don’t just offer faster processing but also a super-fast reload. Any change which you make to your app gets instantly reflected. It makes them resistant to any lags and delays.

Our React Native Development Services Includes

  • React Native Android App
  • Migration to React Native
  • React Native UI/UX App
  • React Native iOS App
  • Customization Service
  • Support & Maintenance

Technological Stack

  • React-Native-CLI
  • Ignite
  • Axios
  • Expo
  • Redux
  • Native-Base
  • NPM
  • React-Redux
  • Redux-Persist
  • YARN
  • React-Navigation

  • JavaScript
  • kotlin
  • TypeScript
  • Objective-C
  • React
  • Swift
  • Java

  • Async Storage
  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • Firebase

Case Studies

Industries we serve

  • Travel
  • Smart Homes & Buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Wearable
Apps created
app dev. Experience
12 yrs
certified app developers


To determine the cost, we need to consider various factors. It solely depends on the vision and ideas which you have. The complexity of the app, the number of categories which it has, features which you require are some of the deciding factors.

Cross-platform features and the country of the developer has a major impact on the cost. It is advisable for you to contact us to know the exact details.

Yes, we follow the Time and material model. Our developers operate on an hourly basis. As our customers, you will be paying for the number of hours of service we provide.

Of course, you will. We prioritize your project’s technical satisfaction. If you do not find a developer’s performance or discipline suitable, you can opt for a replacement. We are here to help you and offer the best service.