Social Networking App Development
Connect people through real-time social networking app development

Today, Social media platforms have become part of our lives. Everyone from celebrities to the common man is on social media. The different channels help people connect with their friends, relatives, and followers.

The platform is also used for a variety of purposes like targeted advertising, brand marketing, social interaction, employment opportunities, etc.

We at Flying Cow, develop custom social networking app that matches users’ specifications and preferences. Our social media app is developed strategies to achieve your business goal to give a contented user-base. We create an app that engages your audience and keeps them entertained for hours.

Flying Cow has developed Social Networking Apps for the below segments.

  • Contest Apps
  • Quiz Apps
  • Social Games
  • Community Apps
  • Parent’s Social Networking
  • Women’s Social Networking
  • & Many more.

Exclusive features in our Social Networking Apps

User Profile

A user profile will help you retrieve the user data via REST API calls from LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.


Feed engages users to create stories, share the posts, upload audio, video, photo, and presentation.


Provide creative features for Photo effects, background colors, customizable bios, links, share ability, discoverability of the content.

Third-Party Integrations

Social media has the personal data of users so ensure that the app has only verified third-party integration.

GPS Setting

Allow users to share their location with their close ones and location data can help you monetize your business.

In-App Advertisements

Developers have no access to few libraries that provide integration with advertisements and other related services.

Status updates

Users may share pictures, videos, text messages on someone’s timelines.

Provide Rich Text Editors

Users can make their content beautiful, unique, and creative.

Simple and Interactive Interface

Make sharing easy with an interactive interface.

Target Specific Audience

Create an app that targets a specific audience like VSCO attracts professional photographers, Instagram makes use of filters to make their app likable and SoundCloud is loved by the musicians as it allows them to showcase their music.

Managing the Self Esteem

People like instant likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions for their social media activities.

Link Social Media platforms

Users share their stories on WhatsApp which they can share on Instagram & Facebook. Users can see the names of the people who watch their story. Anyone around the globe can see a story if its visibility is enabled to the public.


Content-based connections, Searchers, Groups, Explorer, Admirer, Groups & Events. Social authorization


News and entertainment

Post Creation

User can share Text/audio/video content

Post Reaction

Post Likes/love/care/sad/wow expressions

Social notifications + push notifications

Send push notifications to users for faster communication on social media apps.

Analytics (hidden for users)

Includes using one Analytics tool (Google Analytics/ Firebase/ MixPanel; Basic SDK configuration (minimum analytics, OS versions, devices, etc.), tracking screen (Develop, staging, production)

Our Process

Step 1 : Requirement Gathering

The first step is to know your app requirements. Our business analyst will sit with you and gather all the necessary information like what your goals are, what type of features you want in your app, etc.

Step 2 : Scope of Work

Once we understand your requirements, we begin our research on your target users and what your competitors are doing. Then look for the best resources to use in your project.

Step 3 : Design:

Once step 2 is completed, we will pick a palette and typography that represents your brand. Accordingly, we will create a theme and ask for your opinion. Once the theme is decided, we send you the complete design of the app.

Step 4 : App Development

After making the necessary changes in theme and design, we will start the development process. Our team of expert developers will make sure that your app is bug-free and runs smoothly. As per your need, all the features and functionalities will be added to the app.

Step 5 : Testing QA

Our solid QA team will test your project before it goes live. This step help is get rid of problems before launching the app. If the QA team finds any issue or bug, then developers fix the problem in this stage itself.

Step 6 : Launching

At last, your app is ready to hit the market. Our team will help you with the server set-up and configure the app on the respective stores.


12 yrs


Yes, it will be a wise choice to invest in an app because these days everyone wants to be engaged in sociallife, build direct communication and share with friends and followers.
There is no particular time limit for building a social network app because the development largely depends on the type of functionality and experience level of the developers and UX/UI Designers.
Some of the key features are:
  • Selecting the popular platform
  • Security
  • Building a network of friends & followers
  • Interactive UX/UI
  • News feed & notification
  • Support and Updates
  • Customize user profile
The cost depends on your requirement, the set of features you want, level UI/UX, the technology stack that’s require and the developer’s expertise and server cost. Let us know your business requirement and our team will get back you with exact quote.
We are the right tech partner for all social networking development because we provide;
  • Customize solution
  • Highly secured and protected data of your users.
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Reliable post-sales service
  • 24*7 tech support
Besides, if you hire our team, our dedicated developers can work at your time so that there are no time zone gaps.